Whose body (dot-dot-dot) has tittage like this? Hint: Victoria Beckham’s

Bouncy, bouncy...

Oh, and Yanky Doodly magazinery US have some advice for the owner of said baps, that goes along the lines of this:

Some words and things

OooooooOOOOOOOOooooooooh, etc.


Points we agree with:

– The ‘forgetting’ the bra thing.

– The Tom ‘Thumb’ Cruise thing.

– The stop pouting like a freak, mommafucker, lest the wind changes (etc. blah) thing. What, they didn’t mention that?


Points we don’t necessarily agree with:

– The ‘pendulums like soccor ball bags’ business. Missing the point, wethinks. These babies ain’t for slippin’!

– And c. and d.


PS. Why the friggin’ ‘ell don’t her PR people tell her to smile more often/ever? Honestly, children, just honestly.

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2 comments to “Whose body (dot-dot-dot) has tittage like this? Hint: Victoria Beckham’s”

  1. There’s no way those puppies are going to droop – she’s probably had them reinforced with concrete

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  2. She’ll have someone’s eye out. Hopefully Tom Cruise’s. Well, he’s at the right height.

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