Become a better, more rounded person

By sitting on your back bottom and watching THE classics of cinema-with-an-emphasis-on-the-camp-slash-gay, in The Soho Hotel. Of a Saturday eve-n-ing. Oh okay then.

Oooh, Bette

Right, so… the people you’ll find at this place have set up The Secret Cinema, which does what we say up there. And in the interests of our interests, they’ve only gone and lined up a whole bunch of famouses and/or A-gays to introduce each filmic device.

Kicking off this very Saturday, 7th April, which is smack bang in the middle of that chocolate festival thing – what are we calling it? – Easter, which has something to do with people a long time ago wanting a much thinner kind of chocolate, preferably in the shape of an egg, rather than, you know, Chunky KitKats or something which whilst delicious and nutritious, are rather hard work to munch on. And it’s kicking off with none other than classico-du-campo avec Joany C and Bette D, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, and will be introduced by those j’adorable Puppini Sisters, whom we just j’adore.

And thereafter, there will be the following for your cinematic pleasure:

5th May
Tris Penna introduces Female Trouble

26th May
Trademark introduces Blood for Dracula

10th June
The Judy Garland Fan Club celebrates Judy’s 85th b’day

29th June
Paul Burston introduces Valley of the Dolls

28th July
Brian Paddick introduces My Beautiful Launderette


But quel prix? you cry… Ooh, 15 earth pounds. Which is basically what you’ll pay for West End viewing pleasure of a weekend, only with this you’ll learn things, be sat in a lovely environment with lovely clever gays and other types, and the room won’t smell of stale hair extensions and/or Frey Bentos pies.

So if you want to go, in that we recommend it in order for you to become a better type of person, go to that myspace page belonging to The Secret Cinema, and speak to them via the wonders of the interdolly. And if you go so far as to become a special member thingy, you’ll get extra special treats. Yey!




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6 comments to “Become a better, more rounded person”

  1. Can we take popcorn in or will it have to be Elizabeth Fry After Dinner Minty Things?

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  2. I don’t go to the cinema unless it has pick & mix I’m afraid.

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  3. My birthday is also on the 10th of June and I am from Kansas. Does it make me a bad gay to be more excited about Brian Paddick?

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  4. that would make you a good gay. someone who may or may not be the same person once spent the evening with his hand down my pants. say no more.

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  5. Speaking of Judy Garland, there is an exciting and popular new group on Yahoo called THE JUDY GARLAND EXPERIENCE. The group features amazingly rare audio files, great photo’s, lively discussions and more. The membership includes Garland family members, new fans, old fans, authors, historians, everyone is welcome. Please come by and check out our little Judyville, you may never want to leave.

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  6. Great site… but, what is it about again?

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