Coronation Street business

Oooh, Tracy Luv...

‘Naaaaa, naa-naa, na-na-naaa; naaaaa, naa-naa, na-na-naaa, etc.’

ps. Cobbles, ‘ecky bloody thump, whippets, Eccles cakes, what’s for me tea, etc.

Ooh, and if you wanna see the alternative ending, you know, the one they didn’t show, go here.


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2 comments to “Coronation Street business”

  1. Bugger me, i was on the edge of my seat last night. Genius. Poor old Deirdre!

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  2. I loved the way the very last thing Deidre said to Tracy before she went to the dock for the sentence was, literally, ‘Tracy love!’ Such genius and we’re loving Janice Battersby’s one-woman campaign to get rid of immigrant workers and prostitutes.

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