Mel B procreates

More gas, more gas!

Mel B, she of Spicies fame, has popped a real-life human being.


We enjoy this for the following reasons:

– Final proof – if proof were ever needed – that Mel of B is a female woman.

– Her life will ‘now be complete/she’s found her purpose in life/everything is finally in perspective’ etc. blah.

– The ensuing car-crash of the paternity business with that Murphy’s Law thing-person will keep us amused for hours.

– And c. and d.

There now follows an artist’s impression of what the child of Mel B of Spicy fame might look like:


or even perhaps this:

Where's my rock? 


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4 comments to “Mel B procreates”

  1. Hahahahaha!

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  2. Wonder what she’ll call it – bet she can’t top Bluebell Madonna Halliwell

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  3. I do feel for Bastard Spice Murphy, I do …

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