Are you a regular toilet goer?

Does your toily business leave you afeared of other peoples’ finger-pointing?

Do you watch that advert for an off-white thing that shoots out saccharine smelling puffs of smoke every seven, fifteen or thirty minutes with the small child who says things like ‘It’s all gone, it’s all gone!’ whilst simultaneously shoving pieces of toilet roll with intricate diagrams thereon (where’d he get the friggin’ pen from?) under the gap in the door, in a manner that wants to make you beat him to death with a toilet brush, and think, why? Why would you want to a. Have a child like this and b. Have something so mother-on-benefits-looking in your lovely white-on-white bathroom?

Then this may just be the implement you’re looking for:

Toilet gizmo thing

‘Tis a Breeza, or a deodorizing toilet seat.

What-it-does-is, remove 95.8% (peculiarly accurate) of your toily business smell, leaving you with emissions of a more regal nature. ‘Cause we all know Queenie’s business don’t stink.

And ooh there’s more. The Breeza also comes in three different temperature settings, so your back bottom can feel all toasty and lovely and warm, as per your requirements.

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