Getting enough of the Beckhams?

Such silky shiny hair...

If yes, look away now.

If nooo, then you might likes the sounds of this…

It’s a show for your cathode rays on and around the mass exodus that is being referred to in the business as ‘the Beckhams moving to London’s Glittering Los Angeles’.

And it’s called (insert drum roll) ‘The Beckhams Go To Hollywood’.

*What, no-one told us this! This is just, like, you know, like, awesome! But also an outrage! But also awwwwwwwwwwwwe-some*

The Beckhams Go To Hollywood will examine, and we quote, ‘what the future holds for the Beckhams as they quit Madrid for a new life in Hollywood.’


‘In the city of a million stars just how high is theirs in the firmament?’

*who can say?*

So the show’s gonna have them look-a-likey people that go around pretending to be the Beckhams going about their business in Los Angerleese pretending to be said Beckhams, and seeing what the reaction to their business is. Or something.

*lets out a bit of wee*

The show – which will also have comment and analysis from Germaine Greer Genelle Brooks, who’s an image consultant, and Patt Ship, who is not a water-borne vessel but someone from The National Enquirer.

Fancy it? Sky One rather hopes so, and will be broadcasting it at 10pm earth time, on 30th April.

*shakes uncontrollably*



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