Madonna ‘copied Mel C’

So Mel of C-not-B reckons Our Glorious Leader nicked her penchant for a nice trackie off-of her.

Which means this person:


Was inspired be this person:

The 'Pool

‘I’ve been a bit of a trendsetter in my day,’ doth say Melanie, who’s from Liverpool.

‘I think Madonna copied those tracksuits from my Sporty Spice look.’

*dramatic pause*



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4 comments to “Madonna ‘copied Mel C’”

  1. I really do hope she’s being ironic. Though coming from Liverpool, I doubt she knows what ironic means.

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  2. Judging from your post, Nora, you don’t know what ironic means either, you fucking div. As for the tracksuit thing, neither of them look any good in them, so who cares?

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  3. Er, Consuela you retard, it’s really not that hard, is it. Or maybe it is. Who can say?

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  4. […] Mel ‘The Mersey’ C is also thought to have been at this producer fella’s house – he’s called Richard Stannard – but her exact movements are not known. Some think she’s currently on the rob. But that’s just silly. […]

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