Want to look like this man?

Lovely looking fella

*That would be a yes, generally speaking*


Then buy yourself some of this lovely produce, from Biotherm Homme, makers of lovely produce for male gennelman.

Liking your work

Not only does it look nice, and will therefore look a treat in your white-on-lily-white bathroom and/or in a nice bag, but it will probably get you more shags.

The lovely produce consists of the following loveliness:

– Power Bronze, which bronzes. Without making you look like a female gennelman.

– Moisturizing Tinted Gel. Give yourself a glow, whilst also moisturizing. What’s not to like? Oh, and it comes in two non-same shades. Also what’s not to like?

– Instant Dark Circle Concealer. ‘Cause we all get ’em. And it’s always polite to conceal ’em.

– Matte Powder Brush. A dab ‘ere, a dab there… et voila! A scientifically more beautiful you.


But are we talking celebrity price-tags? Well, the above start at 17 earth pounds, so that’d be a ‘no’.

For-to buy or peruse some more, go here, or here, but probably not here.

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