You know like it’s Easter?

That time when The Baby Jesus decided to do some good and save those little bunny wabbits from persecution, before settling down for a good old munch on chocolate and hot-cross buns?

Awww x a lot

Well, you too could be like The Baby Jesus, and save a bunny or several from a very unfortunate fate or similar.

This place has lots of fluffy things that need a home, preferably surrounded by lovely things.

Oh go on.

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3 comments to “You know like it’s Easter?”

  1. I would like 73 of these, please.

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  2. Why does everyone think it’s OK to have a good old laugh at the Easter message? Why is it funny to laugh at someone being executed. I’d like to see you make jokes about anyone else’s religious icons. There are funny things to say without upsetting people.

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  3. Oh, get a life! Or a second one (apparently they’re all the rage this time of year).

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