Put your dirty pants in this

Alexander ‘Dolly’ McQueen launches new suitcase range. ‘Cause he hasn’t got enough money, apparently.

Nothing to declare

Leave it to Lee McQueen (honey, we remember him fighting with his boyfriend in gay pubs so we can call him Lee) to come up with the spookiest range of carry ons in carry on history (not the hilarious film series, silly, the luggage)…

Not content with roping in Isabella Rossellini, who was once in a film, to flog their suitcases clever old Samsonite have teamed up (another term for ‘roped in’) with Alexander McQueen to produce a range of bags and baggage. The star of the range – in impractical white, but then if you can afford this, you can probably afford to have someone go over it with a J-Cloth – is undoubtedly what is being called Bonebag, a fairly conventional white drag-along that looks like Posh Spice in a bikini. Very smwart!

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  1. Whilst i find this luggage creepy, i’d also like to own it.

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