What to scribble on a famous?

Want to scribble on this famous?

Ou se trouve la flange? Oh, there it is.

By which we mean: Want to design a tattoo for-to-be-etched onto-of Jodie Marsh, question-mark.

‘Cause what it is is, Jodie du Marsh has agreed to let the readers of Bizarre mag – you know, tits, ass, bottom business and genital warts – choose her next tattoo.

*shakes uncontrollably owing to excitement*

Suggestions for the tats thus far include the following:

– ‘Peter Andre as a foetus in the womb, just above her flange.’

– ‘Pete Burns over her face.’

– ‘A male ostrich attacking Amanda Holden with Les Dennis laughing in the background – can be in full colour or black ‘n’ white.’

– And c. and d.

We’re enjoying this muchos, and if you too would like to suggest a tat, go to this place on’t interdolly.


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One comment to “What to scribble on a famous?”

  1. How about ‘I’m a publicity-seeking twat’ on her forehead?

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