Fish, chips ‘n’ Champagne. What’s not to love?

morechampagne. Go on then. 

Love a fish. Also love a chip. As for Champagne…

*dribble emits from (left) corner of mouth*

So anyroads, it comes as very exciting news indeed that morechampagne – a delicious and gorgeous little bar/restaurant on More Place, London’s Glittering Southwark-next-to-the-Mayor’s-fancy-office-comma-the-one-that-looks-like-a-scrotum, has a special offer on at the mo, which goes something like this:

A flute of Gardet Champagne + fish ‘n’ hand-cut Maris Piper chips = 14.95 earth pounds.


The offer’s only on till the end of April, so get trotting. We’ve had 37 of them so far, and aren’t even bored yet. That’d be the Champignoiserie.


Ou se trouve?
morechampagne, 5a More Place, SE1 2BY.
020 7403 0658

Southwark or London Bridge

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3 comments to “Fish, chips ‘n’ Champagne. What’s not to love?”

  1. Yum!

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  2. It sounds very decadent. I thought there was something in a fish ‘n’ chips contract that it must be served with either Vimto or a Diet Coke. Apparently not.

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  3. That whole fish, chip, champagne thing … it’s very Essex wedding, don’t you think? Obviously, by describing it as ‘decadent’, it appears Floy is from Southend-on-Sea. Let me guess … the only two books you own are Harry Potter, and Jordan’s biog? I thought so.

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