Jesse Metcalfe to go nuddy *snigger* on’t West End stage?

Nice work on the 'brows

Rumours abound that Jesse ‘no relation to the bird off ‘Stenders’ Metcalfe is to replace Daniel Radcliffe in that show he’s in at the mo. The Vagina Monologues or Blankety Blank or something.

Jesse, who has wondrous eyebrows and goes out with a Loud Girl, is currently experiencing problems with drinks of an alcohol nature, which is very on-trend of him.

*loud clapping*

As for that getting his knobbage out for-to incite people to rush to the West End and spend all their money on paper tickets, small tubs of ice-cream and citrus fruits, here’s what someone who knows someone who knows someone else had to say on the matter:

‘We think Jesse is a massive talent, and it would be great for him to make his West End debut in Equus.’

Oh good.

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3 comments to “Jesse Metcalfe to go nuddy *snigger* on’t West End stage?”

  1. I’d rather see Jesse’s knobbage than bloody old Danny Radcliffe’s. Can’t wait for those grainy mobile phone shots in Heat.

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  2. I love that quote about him being a ‘massive talent’. It’s either a piss-take or a veiled reference to what he has in store.

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  3. This excites me v much. V. v. much.

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