Mel B names child.


It’s not known whether this was Mel B-not-C’s inspiration:

Gis a ciggie! 

Oh there’s more.

‘Fortuna Daphne Bay’.

Not thought to be any relation to Botany Bay, Montego Bay, or esteemed writer of words Daphne de Maurier.


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More dolly #content:

3 comments to “Mel B names child.”

  1. I am also named after a cigarette, this one Italian. I think it’s the future. I think Rothman sounds nice and English, the sort of thing an urban American might choose, while Benson and Hedges is lovely for twins.

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  2. Oh there’s got to be a tasteless fags joke here somehwhere, surely?

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  3. She named it after Bib Fortuna from Star Wars. Do a google, and you’ll see the likeness is uncanny … YA BASTARD.

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