New video from Kylie Minogue

Well, not quite. But here is a video of someone who thinks that they’re the teeny tiniest popstar that you could hold in your very own hand and put withinside of your pocket.

Is this you?The maker of said oeuvre, a someone called Alexkarpenko from mexico, says: ‘I believe in Kylie is just a TRIBUTE to show Kylie, that I’m one of her greatests fans, because I love everything she has donde for us, and I’m happy because now she is healthy and with us again. She will shine on and on…’


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2 comments to “New video from Kylie Minogue”

  1. Sick and wrong

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  2. really well done tho! and his quite hot.

    but still, very very sad… and he must have no life,. haha…still i would do it.

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