A rapper of gay

Do you like the sound of a hip hop? Would you like to bum a purveyor of said genre? Well, now your dreams can come true… (or something) with the arrival of Qboy. Oh, this is him…

Even the gays are fans...

He has been doing business for a while but his arrival on the ‘mainstream’ is imminent thanks to the ditty below which is in video format.

And if you would like to chase him around the interweb, here’s where you can do that with a myspace and an official site. Au revoir.

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2 comments to “A rapper of gay”

  1. Is he attractive? I can’t quite tell. I think he might be.

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  2. Anyone who has to use the gay gimmick from the off is trying to hide a lack of talent.Would love to see him battle … he’d get laughed off the stage … and not because he’s gay … because he’s C- at best.

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