Food – but not as you know it

New foxy restaurant starts vaccuuming food…

Mmm, delicious!

No, not like you vaccuum your food (greedy girl!), the chefs at Bacchus in London’s Oh-So-Fashionable Hoxton are actually cooking the nosh in some sort of vaccuum-type thingy that makes sure that food don’t get hot. And if that food don’t get hot it don’t lose its colour, texture or – presumably – vitamins. So, hooray. Not only that, it’s sexier than an Olympic diving team…

And they’ve not wasted all their imagination on the decor, which is divoon. Take a look – if you will – at the menu. Rabbit mousse, black paella paint (whatever that is), cod wrapped in chicken skin, artichoke and honey-wine soup… It all adds up to a very exotic experience (especially if you go for the taster menu) in what was until a few years back the arse-end of London. And not in a good way.

You’ll find Bacchus at 177 Hoxton Street. Or, virtually, at

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