New smelly alert

Gucci Homme II


So anyways, in a nutty nutshell, this is the best new smelly o’t year so far. J’adoring like you wouldn’t believe. You know, like if you smelt this on a gennelman’s neck area upon nearing, you’d bop him in the booboo/submit you’re booboo to be bopped, regardless of what he looked like.

Unless of course he looked like this man.

Where's my mum? 

ps. We’d also like to bop the nice gennelman in the ad/be bopped by the nice gennalman in the ad. Even if he is wearing seven inches of dolly make-up.

pps. Don’t tell anyone about this nice new smelly, ’cause we wouldn’t like the whole world to be smelling of it aussi.

ppps. Thanks.

Ooh, you can get said lovely smelly here, or here, but probably not here.

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3 comments to “New smelly alert”

  1. I’m not sure about that bottle though. Blue and gold, hmmm….

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  2. Oh I smelt a sample of this recently. Agree about the bopping business!

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  3. I can officially confirm that this is a very nice scent indeed

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