New York types bitch about Kate Moss. OoooOOOOooooh, etc.

This would be Kate, in her To' Sho' business. Hello. 

So people over in London’s Glittering New York, have gotten-as-it-were the hump with la Mossy, owing to the fact that she’s slim.

And some other associated business.

And ’cause she hangs around someone who’s a bit mucky.

These people, who you can find here, had the following to say:

On Kate’s TopShop clobber:
‘We don’t think her fashion matches the need of the people who actually shop at TopShop. They want high fashion for the people, not just stuff for size-0 carb-deprived specimens.’

On Peter Doherty:
‘Her greasy, pasty, substance-bloated musician ex-/current/who-knows boyfriend.’

On Kate Moss her very self:
‘For God’s sake, Kate, you’re a mother. Grow up. Preferably before your daughter does.’

Fight fight fight fight!

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  1. Bitching in the fashion industry? *Gasp* Whatever next?

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