Two of London’s most glittering ladies meet

Grayson Perry and David Furnish – a meeting of great minds at the V&A

Elton has one in blue

The event was the launch of the V&A’s New York Fashion Now show (interesting if very tiny, but then it’s free so who are you to grumble? Hmmm?), the turn-out a selection of trans-Atlantic fashion plates including Suzie Menkes but not including Patricia Fields – the lezzer who did all the (over) styling for Sex and the City – who somehow missed her flight or something…

Also present were Callum Best (how would he get into a V&A bash?), gay comic Scott Cappurro, a Lord Mayor with a big chain and everything and, most interestingly transvestite potter (he won the Turner Prize, so don’t sneer) Grayson Perry chatting away with Lady Elton John, David Furnish. Wonder what on earth they can have had to say to each other…

Drinks were vodka and guava cocktails, food was tiny little tortillas with salsa (so small they could have served them at mass with a slug of communion wine), Karen Walker’s favourite crab cakes and bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon so small we thought it was a tray of earrings when it first came round. The show is on from, like, now and features the work of new New York fashion types like Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen and Sean Puff Daddy Diddy Man.

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