Julie ‘lovely’ Walters to play nasty old bitch

And her name is (Scary) Mary Whitehouse… This is the face people wanted to punch throughout the 70s.

If you had a catapult...

She looks like a daft old Dame Edna wannabe, but this is the face of evil… And our very own Julie Walters is set to play her in a new BBC 2 docu-drama-type-thing that will probably be a bit like that really good Longford one that was on a while ago. Said Julie…

‘I am very excited to be playing Mary Whitehouse and to be looking at the time she attacked the BBC and how she made her name.’

Having decided that she – a daft old Christian housewife – should decide what the nation should and should not be watching and reading, Mary really went to town becoming a bit of a figure of fun. But don’t forget that she was also the trout that took Gay News editor to court for blasphemy for a homosexy poem about the Lord Baby Jesus Christ. And won! Let’s hope la Walters puts the boot in good and proper.

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3 comments to “Julie ‘lovely’ Walters to play nasty old bitch”

  1. I don’t know about ‘evil’. She was just standing up for the views of people who didn’t want to watch buggery on telly over their tea. Does that make someone evil?

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  2. The woman was a hag! What are you talking about? I hate it when these vile old women (Thatcher et al) just get treated like cute old grannies no matter what damage they’re doing. They are trouble and no mistake.

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  3. Yeah, Mary Whitehouse was a total cunt who’s probably being sozzled on God’s nice bbq as we speak. What with it being the season for it and it being nice weather and God being a bit that way inclined, and all.

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