Are your balls a tad droopy?

Maybe you’d be in business for one of these.

That's just c-razy.

Yep, this cunning product lifts said droopers and pushes them out to showcase your penage in all its full glory. Which is v. handy if you’re falling flat in a jogging bottom or Speedo-related item and missing out on hot bumming activity as a result.  

Oh look, before dot-dot-dot:
Pants business

And after dot-dot-dot:


There’s even a song. Which we could probably do without… unless the Freemasons are going to do a remix. Meanwhile, here’s your link. Don’t all rush at once.

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5 comments to “Are your balls a tad droopy?”

  1. My friend has very droopy balls. I’ll let him know about these. She’ll be very excited.

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  2. Haven’t these been available as so-called ‘arab straps’ from Razzle and Men Only magazines for the past 40 years?

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  3. You tell us, Consuela, love.

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  4. Love that Consuela’s back but where’s Tequilla Mockingbird gone?

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