Cheryl Baker answers the questions you put inside of her

‘Why would you want to ruin champagne with orange juice?’ Chezza Baker, far left

Chezza - far left

‘Is it true that you and Jay Aston were at each other’s throats? She apparently said that you and the other two were vile to her…’ Michael
We were never at each other’s throats ever. EVER. There were never any bad words between me and Jay. No one was ever nasty to her. I’ll tell you how it was with Jay: she kept herself to herself. She and I were never best buddies but we were never enemies either.

Have you ever felt ashamed to be a Bucks Fizz? Floy
No! Never!

I really love ‘My Camera Never Lies’. Do you ever think you were underestimated and dismissed as just a pop group when you were really ahead of the game? Diana
Of course we are underestimated. People like Duran Duran and Spandau are still being played on the radio and we’re not. ‘Camera…’ or ‘New Beginnings’ would stand up against any of them. Obviously not ‘Making Your Mind Up’.

Do you think Emma Bunton will look like you in years to come? Twizzler
No, she’s got a different shaped face. She’s slightly shorter and she’s got more of a square type of face. In the early Spice Girls days I think she was looked at as a bit of the Cheryl Baker of the Spice Girls. But no, I don’t think she’ll look like me.

Do you suffer with thinning hair? Bitsy Bobsy
No, I don’t. I take my Nourkrin… Ha ha.

Did you ever think about becoming a baker? Cotton Socks
No, but my surname is Crudgington and I never thought about becoming a crudgington either.

Is it true that you lived in your mum’s council flat in Bethnal Green when you were running around, ruling the world as a member of Buck’s Fizz? Consuela
Yes, it is! I was born there and I lived there till I was 29.

Hey Cheryl, with all this sunshine and stuff I can’t stand the heat. What on earth should I do? Chaz and/or Dave
You should fly to Cape Verde on the west coast of Africa and have a lovely holiday there because you don’t feel the heat. It’s very breezy.

What chances do you give Scooch of poop-scooping first place in Eurovish this year? Bimbette
I’m sorry to say I give them nil points. I do, I’m really sorry. I think the girl who came second in Making Your Mind Up should have won the competition. But then I never get it right. So it would be fantasic if Scooch did win.

What are the secrets of your success? MJFox
I’ll do anything. I’m a media whore.

When my nana offers round the bakewell tarts she always calls them Cheryl Bakewell tarts. Does this make you sad? Tinky Winky
No! It makes me happy! It was a Comic Relief advert that we did two years ago. It was for a cherry bakewell and they used my name.

Inspired by the ‘Making Your Mind Up’ routine, has anyone ever tried to rip your skirt off, perhaps while you were down the pub or something? Boy
No, they haven’t yet. I was once propositioned but it’s never happened.

Do you look back on your Eggs & Baker days with fondness? Cleopatra
Yeah, I do. It combined my two loves of cooking and singing. My husband wrote the theme music, my sister used to devise the recipes. It was fantastic. I loved it. We had a laugh too. I went to New Orleans, everywhere.

Which Cheryl would win in a fight: Baker or Tweedy? London Lady
Baker! What would be my killer move? My knees! I’m making this up.

Have you ever got pissed on Bucks Fizz? Eric
No, but I’ve got drunk on champagne many times. Why would you want to ruin champagne with orange juice?

Loving you in the thinning hair adverts, but they aren’t the most glamorous. If Tena Lady had offered enough for you to appear in their female incontinence ads, would you have said yes? Mrs Tiggywinkle
No! I turned Tena Lady down. No, I turned a number of things down. I turned incontinence down, which I was really miffed about. They went, ‘It doesn’t mean you have to wear them, it just means you’re saying that you think they work.’ I don’t take everything, you see, even though I am a media slut. The hair cream worked and if it hadn’t, I wouldn’t have done it. I’ll tell you though, it’s been very lucrative. This is the third year.

Is there much money in being Cheryl Baker of Bucks Fizz? Eric
Sometimes there is and sometimes there isn’t. I was in the West End last year with Footloose and that was great because I got a weekly wage, but actually, and I’m probably speaking on behalf of every celebrity, it’s sporadic. When you’re working, you get good money, when you’re not, you get nothing at all. So sometimes I get good money and sometimes I’m completely brassic.

You look a lot like my Auntie Linda. Where do you get your hair done?
When I’m in London I go to Charles Worthington and when I’m in Sevenoaks where I live I go to… I can’t remember his name, isn’t that terrible?

Bucks Fizz Greatest Hits – including 16 smash hit records and a bonus DVD with 18 videos on it – is released on May 14th on SonyBMG. Put it in your diary.

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