Exclusive interview – Natasha Bedingfield

‘If guys could see what goes on in my head, I don’t think I’d ever get a date again.’


She wants to have your babies, 'parently. Honey, just adopt. It's so on-trend.

Oh look, we’ve done another famous. Which is not only excitement, but revealing. She’s lovely, lithe, has silky shiny blonde hair, and talks about front bottoms in this interview. Hooray for Natasha Bedingfield!  

So is it fun being back?
Yeah, I’m loving being back. I was away for ages so it feels very good to see things that are familiar and just be with family and have proper food.

You were in the States for a while weren’t you?
Yeah, a year and a half.

How was that?
It was like a gap year really because I never got to go away from home before. I went straight from my parents’ house to live with Daniel [Bedingfield, her brother], and he’s a wonderful flatmate but I just never had my own stuff. But when I was in America I was actually living out of a suitcase anyway!

It must have been strange starting from scratch over there when you were so well-known here.
It was actually a nice break because nobody knew who I was, so I’d get treated like anyone else with an economy ticket on a plane. I was sitting at the back near the toilets and if I’d wanted to complain, I could never say, ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ because that would be so embarrassing – they’d be like, ‘No, we don’t!’

Has that changed now though? 
Yeah, I think people know me and most people would know my music and my name. But still my face is not as famous as my songs, which I’m really happy about.

Are American crowds very different from the UK?
They have a different accent in the way they sing the song back to you. A lot of American girls sing and do riffs and stuff. I think they must learn singing in school or something. They sing in tune a lot, whereas in some countries it sounds more like a football crowd!

And you had a massive number one over there with your debut single.
Yeah, it’s mad. I know it sounds quite nationalistic, but at the moment the British industry is having quite an impact in America so it feels really exciting. It’s not just a selfish reason – so everyone can lift me up and make me feel great! It’s like we’re actually influencing them, not them influencing us.

What do you think about those no-knicker girls like Britney?
Well I’m sure it must be on purpose. No one wears a mini skirt and no knickers. I sometimes have gone commando before but I just find it weird. I do find the paparazzi quite invasive. I’ve had this before where I’ve worn a skirt and someone’s put a camera under my dress and I think it’s like rape. It’s incredibly invasive. But those girls who go commando, they must know what they’re doing, right?

Who wants to see that though?
What I was thinking is that most men know what girls look like [down there] more than girls do. Unless you’re gay [lesbian] you don’t really go around looking at other girls…I don’t know what my friends look like. I don’t really want to know.

Quite. So, you’ve gone from singing about being single to ‘I Wanna Have Your Babies’. It’s quite a change in direction.
I think with a song like ‘…Babies’, I’ve got a lot to answer to! They’re like, ‘Oh, are you getting broody? What about the ‘Single’ girl?’ So I wrote the song and now I’m going to have to talk about it! I actually don’t mind because it’s a fun subject and a discussion point. When you’re dating or trying to find the person who’s right for you, in the beginning it can be quite awkward. That’s what most of this album is about – what are the rules? They’re not as clear as they used to be.

Do you think it will scare men off, make them think you’re trying to get up the duff?
I think men will take it tongue-in-cheek – as it is. It’s like a girl giving a guy an inside view into what a lot of girls are like. It’s a bit exaggerated. I had to act like a very obnoxious, clingy, desperate girl.

Have you ever been obnoxious, clingy or desperate?
I’m quite cool and hard to win over. A guy doesn’t know how much I like him. That’s what’s fun about doing art and stuff, you can be honest about what’s going on in your head. I guess the point of that song is, what if you could see all those thoughts? That would be so scary, I don’t think I’d ever get a date again in my life!

Are you any good at asking people out?
No! But there is a song on the album called ‘How Do You Do?’ and it says, ‘If you won’t say it then I will!’ I could give a guy flowers, I’ve done that before. He probably thought it was quite weird, but why can’t guys like flowers? What made flowers a girl thing? That kind of thing really intrigues me.

What do you look for in a fella?
I look for honesty. I’m not looking for the perfect man because I’m not perfect and I’d probably hate him if he was, it’s make me feel awful. You do have to have a similar sense of humour, and a hunger to learn.

And a hot body.
Of course a hot body! You have to fit each other’s bodies. Like, someone could be really hot, but you’re awkward together. You have to hug them and melt into each other.

What’s your type?
Well I don’t have a type. The guy I’m with right now has a good body and is pretty sporty.

How long do you make them wait before doing the business?
I just like the whole dating thing and don’t want to jump stages. I like being independent and having my own things. I just want to enjoy every stage.

So is sex before marriage OK by you?
It’s not something I would talk about really. What goes on in the bedroom stays in the bedroom! 


Bumf: Natasha’s album’s out 30th April, and she performs at London’s Glittering G-A-Y on Saturday 28th April. Which’d be like, two days before.   



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