New smelly alert

Paco Rabanne, Ultraviolet Man Summer Pop: Limited Edition (oooOOOooooh).

Ooh, innit nwoice!

Whilst the ‘oooOOOooooh’ doesn’t comprise part of the name, it’s all rather oooOOOooooh anywhos, ’cause Paco Rabanne, maker of fine smellies and other just gorgeous things, has created a spritzy zingy smell to see us through the summer months – which excites us this much…

*a lot*

It’s all a bit cedar-y and ambergris-y (us either, but it’s forcing us to believe it) and oak moss-y and green pimento-y and pink grapefruity-y,which apart from being a nice mixer with vodka and/or more vodka, is also a d’lish smell; and there’s also some frozen accord in there. Brrrr.

And ’cause it’s a limited edition, the risk of running into someone else smelling similarly is much reduced, which is always a good thing. ‘Cause ‘sheep’ isn’t a hot look.

Quel prix? 29.50 of your earth pounds, for 100ml.
When can I get it? From 7th May, this very year.
Ou se trouve? Lovely people on 020 7499 4420 will be able to tell you.



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3 comments to “New smelly alert”

  1. I’ve never liked it. Not since that shit ad back in the 90s (or was it the 80s?) … the one that just kept going PACO PACO paco PACO paco PACO PACO PACO paco paco paco PACO PACO … you get the idea. Total bollocks.

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  2. I agree with Consuela. I’m looking for a new smelly. Any suggestions?

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  3. I find Creed very lovely (most of their flavours) but it is a very pricey thing.

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