How excitement, pop-pickers…

So this ‘person’…

Get a friggin' grip!

Is available for interviews.

*dramatic pause*

‘Cause he – known in the business as Shaun ‘I luv singin’, I do’ Rogerson off-of X Factory – is releasing an album.

*run for your lives…!*

We would, only we feel that creating your own pick ‘n’ mix from the following Shaun-ery bon mots will give you your very own, pop-it-in-your-back-pocket interview, with said ‘person’, with no effort involved on anyone’s part.

I luv singin’, I do.

I just, yer knooooorrrrr, I just… (starts to cry and is therefore unable to finish)

I want to do it for me family.

I luv singin’, I do, it makes me ‘appy.

 – and c. and d.

*Shaun shakes uncontrollably, before collapsing in a pool of his own retardness*

The end.

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5 comments to “How excitement, pop-pickers…”

  1. For fuck’s sake, Shaun, give it a rest. If you’re the shy, retiring type, why fight it? It’s painful for you, obviously, but it’s even more painful for us.

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  2. Check out the bling on it

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  3. Please do an interview with him. Make him cry.

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  4. no doubt Kylie will be rushing out to collaberate with him in another pathetic attempt to be relevant again

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  5. […] As yet, reports that Annie ‘Don’t confuse me with the musical, bitch!’ Lennox is also collaborating with Shaun ‘I love singin’, I do’ Rogerson off-of X Factory are unconfirmed. […]

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