Gay marriage is evil. Evil, we tell you. EVIL!!

These people hate the gays. Who knew.

Such kind folk 

Do we think they is bumming, pop-pickers?

And who wants to hear the latest mad rant from the people who choose dolly dresses as day-wear? Oh go then.

So anyways, the Vatican’s second-highest ranking doctrinal official (ooooOOOOooooooh) has branded marriage betwixt the gays as EVIL!

*run for your lives!*

In an address to more dolly-whatsits in frocks, Archbishop Angelo Amato said newspapers and telly bits ‘n’ bobs reporting moves in favour of gay rights seemed like ‘a perverse film about evil’, because the media represented them as ‘expression of human progress’.

Oh there’s more. ‘Parliaments of so-called civilized nations where laws contrary to the nature of the human beings are being promulgated, such as the approval of marriage between people of the same sex…’ Angie continued to rant, before collapsing with rather fancy convulsions whilst in the background, hell-fire raged and frogs as big as semi-detached houses fell from the sky. These too were wearing dresses.

And just in case anyone was feeling left out, he had a go at abortion. Again. Yawn.

‘Slaughterhouses of human beings,’ he reckons.

Calm down, dear.

Oh, there’s more bumf on said story at this place. And just ’cause it’s fun, here are some more lovely gay-haters. Hello gay-haters!

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9 comments to “Gay marriage is evil. Evil, we tell you. EVIL!!”

  1. They all just need a good bummin’, self-loathing gays that they are. And what year is this? 1132? They’ll be burning us on stakes, next.

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  2. Everyone knows the Baby Jesus was a big old gay….

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  3. I wonder what they wear under those tasty little frocks. Probably just let their shrivelled old disused Popey genitalia swing loose. Oh, the thought *spew*

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  4. In the same book of the Bible where it says homosexuality is a sin, it also says that eating shellfish is an abomination.

    Wonder when the last time those cunts ate shellfish prawn crab or lobster was?

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  5. Exactly Danny!! Wearing more than one fibre is also punishable by death, so let’s hope those dolly frocks aren’t polycotton blends. Otherwise, damnation for those freaks!

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  6. What do they wear under those tasty little frocks, you ask? Why, pre-teen choirboys, you fool!

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