Fag Hag Diary


‘This is short and snobby today. A bit like me, angels!’

Snob? Qui moi?

Fag Hag enjoyed a girls’ night out last night. ‘Where you off to?’ asked a straight male friend. ‘Let me guess, All Bar One for a few bottles of Pinot Grigio.’ Actually, it was straight to The Ivy, darling for champagne and foie gras but I couldn’t have expected a heterosexual man to know that…

Sadly my fave restaurant was all rather bridge and tunnel last night with far too many middle aged ladies with WPC hair in Next dresses clutching Lion King programmes, but I’m glad they had a nice night out ‘down that London’.

Next time, though, can someone gently point out to them that holding one’s knife like a pen whilst eating Ivy asparagus is not going to win you too many friends around these parts.

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