Music we’re currently j’adoring

This’d be Freeform Five, and their ever-s’-lovely ditty, ‘No More Conversations’.

Hello, gennelman and a lady.

We’re currently j’adoring it to the point of it being our favourite song o’ t’ mo’, for the following reasons (no apostrophes):

– They wear nice trainies. Those splashes on an otherwise grey/white neutral palette work v well indeed-o-rama.

– We would like to bop/be bopped in the booboo by certain members of the band’s population.

– The female lady is undoubtedly very fabberlush. She’d be Tamara. Or Tammy. Or Tam. Or T.

– They’ve like, already done remixes for famouses including Justin Timbers of Lake, NERD, and X-Press 2. And that’s just for starters, not unlike a prawn cocktail.

– And c. and d.


And down ‘ere, you’ll find videos in moving picture format. One’s like, the normal song without any mixin’; t’other’s Mylo’s Radio Edit.


Bumf: ‘No More Conversations’ is released on Monday, 14th May, year of the Baby Jesus ’07. On Apollo/Island Records. On download. It’ll be available like your Momma liked it – 12″ – from Monday, 21st May. Same date for the CD.

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3 comments to “Music we’re currently j’adoring”

  1. Oh i love this!! I danced round my handbag to this sometime somewhere with someone.

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  2. I like this lot. They’re like this year’s Infernal. And I loved last year’s Infernal.

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  3. Sadly this years Infernal is already Bodies Without Organs. And as good as the Freeform 5 song is, its shite compared to Chariots of Fire.

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