Fag Hag Diary


And Fag Hag decides to act on impulse.

Hag du Fag 

Oh sweet Anne Widdecombe in a bikini, what have I done? So I’m reading this book by Danny Wallace called The Yes Man (a suitable autobiography title for many of my exes incidentally… well, they’re all too terrified to ever say no to me!).

In it, our hero undertakes to say yes to everything for a year so as to be a more positive, spontaneous person. And being a complete copier I’ve decided to do the same for a week.

So far it’s resulted in me having to socialise with at least three people I find crashing bores, sitting through a deathly phone survey with someone from Yoplait, accepting so many flyers and copies of London free newspapers that I started to resemble a street mugger myself (sans woolly hat and plastic tabard naturellement) and eating two meals last night. Let’s just hope the experiment doesn’t end with me trying crystal meth and sleeping with a tramp.

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  1. Oh, it will FH. Just like it always does.

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