Boy George arrested. Again. Oops.

Boyo George

Boy of George has been arrested.


The whole story goes something like this:

So according to The Mirror, George meets some bloke – Auden Carlsen, a Norwegian, 28 earth years – on Gaydar.


Said Norwegian accepts an invitation for-to-visit George’s flat in London’s Glittering Shoreditch during the wee hours, ‘for a £400 photo session’.

Whereupon said Norwegian gets chained to a wall by George and another male person.


Norwegian ‘fears for life’.

Norwegian flees apartment the following morning, in just his pants, after working his bonds loose.

*also saucy*

Norwegian rings police.

‘I was convinced I was going to die,’ said the man from Norway. ‘George handcuffed me to a hook by the bed as they held me down.’

And that’s a true story, ‘parently.

We’ll let the police be the judge of that.

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5 comments to “Boy George arrested. Again. Oops.”

  1. Bit o’ bondage, eh. How very modern.

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  2. I like the idea of a Norwegian running around Shoreditch in just his lily-whites.

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  3. Oh George, what have you done now?

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  4. I love the way the plump one has to paint himself a jawline

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  5. […] George was charged yesterday over the incident that took place in London’s glittering Shoreditch last April. […]

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