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And FH’s just j’adoring an ageing/dead turn…

Nice bonnet

Being such a total drama queen the Fag Hag has always had something of a soft spot for those elderly gennelman of the theatre… in fact, two of my favourite theatrical fags of all time are Dame Serena McKellan and Sir Joanna Gielgud. I have been lucky enough to have had the pleasure of swapping air kisses with Dame Serena already, but sadly I was born a few decades too late for any fag haggery with Sir Joanna. This is a fact made all the sadder when I hear stories like the following:

Sir Joanna is being interviewed for a gay magazine during his later years and asked what his favourite sound is to which he replies, ‘Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh – the sound of a big black man coming all over me.’

You gotta love a peer of the realm what says that…

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  1. What a pig that Joanna is. Was.

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  2. Anyone else see McKellen’s thick exposed cock recently? It was lovely.

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