Some lovely… doormats.

Want to stamp on Tara Palmer-Tompkinson’s head?

Want to rub dog’s business in Alan ‘Wherever there is the sound of a brass band you will find me’ Titchmarsh’s business?

Want to…. oh we’ve run out.

So anyways, see these?

Taza's mat Aza's mat

They’re – what are we calling these? – doormats, and they’re for-to-raise money for the Terrence Higgins Trust.

What happens is, you part with 22 earth pounds – which isn’t much these days, what with the rate of inflation and the cost of even a small packet of Haribo and most people wasting at least half their salaries on telly phone-ins etc blah – in that lovely homeware store Heal’s, and you get one of six doormats crafted by famouses’ very own hands, for use in your own home.

The six famouses who have partaken of this very special thing are:

– Tara P of T

– Alan Titchy Marshland

– Orla ‘maker of just gorgeous things’ Keily

– Celia ‘ooh, nice wallpaper’ Birtwell

– Lulu ‘no relation to Lulu’ Guiness

– Sophie ‘I also make a good pie’ Conran

And all moneys plural raised goes to THT.


Ou se trouve? The mats are launched in Heal’s – the Kings Road store, on’t May 16th, at 6.30 of an evening.


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  1. Oh good, I’m in need of a good doormat.

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