Them naughty gays. Tsk.

This is a condom... 

So it’s come to our attention that ‘parently, a third of gay men with HIV admit to bopping other male gennelmans in the booboo (or vice versa, as the case may be) WITHOUT protection.

What’s wrong with you people?

Also ‘parently, a similar number of gay slash bi gennelmans have no idea they’re even carrying the virus.

Researchers asked 2,640 homosexual men in London, Manchester and Brighton about their backgrounds ‘n’ sexaul behaviour.

The HIV infection rate was highest in Brighton (almost 14%) and lowest in Manchesterford (8.6%).

Of all those with the virus, 37% admitted to having unprotected sex with more than one partner in the past year.

Interestingly, 18% of HIV-negative men admitted to similar bad business.

‘Some men do not perceive that they have put themselves at risk,’ says Dr Danielle Mercey, a researcher at UCL. ‘Others have been tested but acquired HIV after the test. There are a small number who don’t want to know and don’t get tested.’

Now we hate to get preachy on your asses etc blah but, like, durrrr!


The above info’s courtesy of the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections. Fun.

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4 comments to “Them naughty gays. Tsk.”

  1. For fuck’s sake you retards!!! Why’s it so hard to wear a fucking condom? ‘Oh, it just doesn’t feel the same, baby!’ Neither does dribbling into you incontinence bag whilst being hand-fed baby food in your wheelchair, you fucking selfish retarded bastards!
    That’s all.

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  2. Come ON people!

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  3. I agree. What the fuck is wrong with people? At the same time, I don’t think the gay press has really done much to discourage this behaviour. Face it … anyone who has contracted HIV through consensual unprotected sex in the past 10 years … 15 even … has nobody to blame but themselves. There’s NO excuse. Instead of victimising people with HIV, sympathising, they should be forced to face the consequences of what they’ve done. They should NOT be accepted by the gay community. The issue is largely ignored by the popular gay press, bar the printing of the odd ad. But there’s no editorial on this subject. The gay community should NOT be a place where HIV is seen as an acceptable part of daily life in an age where condoms are freely available to anyone who walks in a gay bar. Likewise, gay dating sites should not allow people to say they ‘never’ have safe sex. Make it harder for people to find fellow barebackers. Alternatively, if they do say they ‘never’ have safe sex, or ‘sometimes’ then gay sites should bombard them with safe sex messages. Ostracising these people is not a bad thing … making it socially unacceptable is the only way this will stop. The gay community has made HIV too acceptable.

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  4. Never a wiser word was said, Consuela!! Tough love, etc.

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