Bette does Vegas. For the next five years!

Lovely lindas!

Well, that’s how long Sealion Dion hung on in Las Vegas for the record-breaking run of her *reads* heart-stoppingly fabulous Cirque de Soleil show at a custom-made theatre. Sorry, theater. Now, after taking a cool $500 million in box office receipts,┬áit’s step aside Frenchie, the Divine Miss M is ready for her turn…

And here she is, at 61 years of age, having signed up for an initial two-year run…

‘I’m looking forward to it,’ said Bette the dollar signs actually lighting up in her eyes. ‘But I’m also terrified because it’s huge,’ apparently NOT talking about the average size of arse of the audience. ‘

‘I think it’ll be my usual outrageous, flamboyant, over-the-top show,’ she reckons, bearing in mind that she has in the past whizzed round in an electric wheelchair and flashed her boobs to the balcony.

‘I have tremendous background singers and I always have a great band. If I get lucky, I’ll have semi-nudes. I love showgirls and I love feathers and sequins, so I’m hoping there’ll be plenty of that.’

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  1. Ooooooh, the only reason to go to Las Vegas. It’s a dump. It’s like Garfunkles took over a town and you have to literally queue for hours to check into your freaking hotel. But I’d live to see the Divine.

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