Simply Barbra cleans up

See this multi-millionairess here? She wants more money off you. And lots of it.

Funny Lady

Barbra Streisland (the ‘l’ is silent) is coming to the UK and she’s going to make us pay for it. In spades. Top tickets – which go on sale at 9am tomorrow (dialing fingers at the ready) – cost a cool £600. Yes, the price of a four-star holiday in Mykonos with rent boys and booze thrown in. But then, you already knew that.

The concert in question takes place on 18th July at The Artist Formerly Known as The Millennium Dome – now called O2 or something – and it’s still not clear whether Barbra (the middle ‘a’ is invisible) will be dragging Il Bloody Divo into the equation as she did during her stint at NYC’s Madison Square Garden. But it least it meant you had time to nip to the loo and pick up merchandise in the form of programmes ($50, thank you very much) and keyrings (a much more penny-price-wise £5).

But we still – despite acute financial difficulties – think it’s worth every penny.

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3 comments to “Simply Barbra cleans up”

  1. Oh for god’s sake, does she really need the money? Sort it out, Babs love

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  2. Got my tickets in the presale yesterday. Its still cheap compared to the £700 we had to fork out for Madonna VIP Tickets at Wembley Stadium this July.

    And it will be better than Showgirl Homecoming.

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  3. She’s greedy for money, isn’t she? But if you sukkas are willing to pay… and I hear it was all sold out within one minute flat. ‘People, people who need people’ indeedy.

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