Kelly ‘Kel’ Rowlands: your questions answered!

‘I waited hours for Sade and when she didn’t show, I cried!’ 

Special K

We told you we were going to be chatting to the lovely Kelly of Rowlands and asked you to put a question inside of her. You did. We did. All contracts honoured. Here’s what she said. 

Are Destiny’s Child ever going to get back together? Blinkin’ Nora
We’ll see. As of right now, everybody is fulfilling some personal goals, and we all respect and support each other a lot. Anything could happen.

Are you ever jealous of Beyonce? Lola
No, there’s no reason for me to be jealous of Beyonce when I have talents of my own.
Who is the rudest celebrity you’ve ever met? Melanie
I’ve never met a rude celebrity. Well I have, but I’m never going to tell anybody.

Who produced the song ‘Comeback’ on your album and is it a possible single? Tee
‘Comeback’ could possibly be a single. I know I like my fans to help me choose the single, so we’ll see what happens.

Are there any producers you wanted to work with but didn’t have the chance to? MisterKarma
I wanted to work with Timbaland, but I didn’t have the chance this time.

When are you planning to tour your new album? DestinyD
Hopefully this fall I’ll be over in the UK and all over Europe. I’d love to do a big tour. I would actually like us to do intimate venues this time around.

What is your definition of success?
Oh gosh, I think everybody’s definition of success is different. I know for me it’s where you are and then excel into your goals. I think it’s important to embrace where you are first and then excel.

How do you want to be seen as an artist in the next 10 years?
I would love to be one of those artists like Sade. I could put out a record and promote it and then sit down for, like, another four years. It’s nice because it allows you a life and I think it’s important to balance life in the music industry. I probably couldn’t wait for five years because I think I would go out of my mind,. Also I haven’t been there and I don’t have kids yet, so I can’t necessarily say that. But to be the type of artist that can go and put together a record, promote it everywhere, you’re ‘it’ and then take a break and go home and chill.

When you are taking time out, what are some of the things that you like to do? Ya#1gurl!
I live in Miami and I like to go to the beach, I like to paint and I like to cook. My speciality right now is meatloaf and mashed potatoes, real comfort food.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done as a fan, when you were growing up? ToldYALLsheWASgonBUMPLIKETHIS!
The last record Sade put out, Destiny’s Child was promoting in Europe. I can’t think of where we were, but Sade was supposed to perform at the same TV show we were performing at and the show was running literally all night, they were taping all night. Destiny’s Child had been there since like seven in the evening. We didn’t go until 12o’clock midday! They said that Sade was going to be there and I waited around for like two hours. They said that she was on her way and I remember the girls being so sleepy and we had to wake up in literally three or four hours to do some more promo. But she never came, so I threw in the towel and soon as we pulled off she walked in the door! I missed her and I cried that night! I cried. It hurt, she is the person I want to meet. I know that when I meet her I’m going to be in tears.

What song of Beyonce’s do you think could have been one of your songs? And what song yours do you think could be one of Beyonce’s? LOVEukelly!!!!!
What’s Beyonce’s is Beyonce’s and what’s mine is mine. That’s how it will be and how it should be.

You’re often seen wearing this bracelet – I don’t know how to describe it, I think it has blue stones that you wear a lot on your left arm. Is it anything symbolic? Kelly!!!
Yes, that’s my evil eye, it keeps all the evil people away from me. I got it from my jeweller, I’ve had it for quite a while now.

How would one audition to be your backup singer? FLASHBACK!
I would tell them to send a tape to Sony or to Music World and I’ll make sure I have my A&R take a look at it. Make sure you have a lot of personality and that while you’re singing, you’re hitting every note correctly. I love someone with great dynamics in their voice, great range.

What is your favourite song on the new album? yungjahye
That’s not fair! It’s not fair because every one is my favourite song. Every one has a special meaning to me and I hope that people hear that special meaning.

If you were going somewhere far away on a special trip what are the things that you couldn’t live without? ana-ani
Things that I would not live without are, if anything, my Bible, my toothbrush and number three, Wet Ones! Wet Ones so you can wipe everything down, because I’m a bit of a germ-a-phobic. I heard Luther Vandross talking about that one time. I don’t know if it was an interview, but it was just how when you’re shaking someone’s hands, that you’re passing a cold if the other person has a cold. It’s really important that you wash your hands on a regular basis because people touch their faces. Some people don’t realise that that may be the reason why they break out. I used to be like that. It’s just hands –it’s important to keep them clean.

Describe little Kelly, your early life and what you were like as a kid. ninuca
Very sensitive and extremely shy. I’m still sensitive but not as much because this industry makes you develop a thick skin.

What do you want to tell your international fans? aniuta
One of the reasons why Destiny’s Child is still here is because of them. They’ve embraced us individually as well as and we’re nothing without them. I know when I think about my projects and songs, I always think about the international fans, and what they would like and how I can make sure they’re happy. Some of my fondest memories as an artist are touring, period. It has a lot to do with the international fans, whether that’s them visiting me or jumping to every single city, being supportive and making me feel at home. That’s the best feeling in the world. To be away from home and have your fans make you feel like you are at home.

Do you still have Mocha and any other pets? DestinyD
My mom stole Mocha [Kelly’s dog]! When I would go to Europe for touring and promo, my mom would keep her, she was the only person I trusted with my dog. But what happened is I remember going to Atlanta to pick her up and bring her on the road with me and she shook on the plane the whole time. It was very sad and I will always see her eyes just peering up, and she was crying really bad because she missed my mom. She also misses stability so I flew back to Atlanta, and I was really sad about it, but she stays and lives with my mom now. So that’s why I say my mom stole her! [laughs] Other than that I’ve only had one pet and her name was Lucille, but Lucille ate all my shoes. She was a little Shitzu and would mess all my things up. There’s a reason why them call them Shitzus!

Can you talk a bit about your influences on the album and your choice of tracks? artist
The influences on this record were Sade, Whitney Houston and Brandy. I love Sade because she’s a unique artist, I love her talent. I love Brandy and Whitney because their voices are just so insane and their vocal arrangements are absolutely impeccable. I took a piece of them away with me to this record. I didn’t necessarily go after their sound, I wanted to make my own.

Are you ever going to work with Nelly again? kellyrowland4eva
We will see. Everybody wants it. He has been kind of busy so it’s been hard for me to get in contact with him. We’ll have to see what happens.

When was your last date and was it with a celebrity? sallena
NO! I don’t date celebrities. I mean, I respect people, like Beyonce, like the Jennifer Garners and the Ben Afflecks, who keep that part of their lives personal. But I guess anything could happen, I mean love could happen and it doesn’t matter with whom or whatever. If I feel in love with a guy and he was a celebrity, I would keep that personal.

[me-me-me] Are there any celebrities that you’ve got a crush on?
No. [laughs] I think Orlando Bloom is gorgeous, but that’s about it.

[me-me-me] What’s your type?
For looks, I like somebody tall and very confident who looks like they have fun and has goals, is spontaneous and likes to laugh.

How often do you get to see your family? DestinyD
I try to come back to Houston, Texas, maybe every two weeks. It is hard but that’s why you make the time. You make the time for people that you love and that you care about.
The album Miss Kelly is out on 9th July. In the UK anyways…   

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