Let’s look at Gaynor Faye sitting on some vege-tables.


Gaynor du Faye, off the telly 

The reasoning behind getting a famous like Gaynor Faye-off-the-telly to sit on some vege-tables in the manner of Boudica – another famous – is to encourage ladies, gennelman and others to compost their food deposits, for the good of the earth.

See-’cause Compost Awareness Week starts on Sunday, 6th of May pop-pickers, and not only is Gaynor Faye spreadin’t word, but so too is Philippa Forrester. Which is quite a relief as we were worrying as to where she’d got to.

Oh, here she is:

Just 'Pip' to me mates...

‘Citin’, in’t it?

And here is a list of compostable goods:

  1. Teabags
  2. Human and pet hair
  3. Bedding from non-meat eating animals
  4. Shredded paper – such as confidential documents
  5. Scrunched up cardboard
  6. Mussel shells
  7. Egg shells
  8. Wool and cotton clothing (providing it is cut up in to small pieces)
  9. Coffee grounds
  10. Tissues

Oh look, the font changed.


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2 comments to “Let’s look at Gaynor Faye sitting on some vege-tables.”

  1. I have no interesting in composting. Oh, look, a celebrity is doing it! Sign me up! Not. What a load of old cock.

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  2. Gaynor Faye??? How very random.

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