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Lil' Lils 

Another week, another famous launches a clothing line. This time the famous in question is a girl called Lily with a reed-thin voice related to that man who went to the Groucho club a lot in the 80s…

Now please don’t think I’m being mean to the little lady in gold earrings, she’s quite sweet in an ASBO sort of way. And if someone with calves like kitchen table legs can get a modelling contract it gives hope to the rest of us. But please don’t annoy us by expecting to hang on to any last vestige of credibility now you’ve taken the hight street retailer’s shilling – so bye bye pop star and welcome to the wonderful world of Martin Kemp and DFS sofas…

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  1. I was prepared to be sceptical, however there’s actually quite a nice strapless dress in that collection…

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