Emma Bunton flogs sauce shock!

*shakes uncontrollably, until finally overcome*

So see this person?

Something's in my eye... 

This would be Emma ‘Baby la Bunting’ Bunton, of Baby Bunting fame, who has taken it upon her to flog Prego – a sauce – to the American masses.


Bunting Babs appears in the US moving picture ads as a flustered housewife…

*where’s the Pledge? Where’s the Pledge? WHERE’S THE FUCKING PLEDGE YOU TWATS?!*

…attempting to make the perfect meal, but bugger-her, she just can’t find the perfect spice to compliment her dish.

Who said ‘spice’?

Anways, then a voiceover pips up, and doth say the following in a voice that miraculously isn’t Sean Pertwee’s:

‘Even one of the Spice Girls can’t think of a single spice to add to the perfectly seasoned sweet and savoury taste of Prego sauce.’

*gets it, falls over from laughing too much*

‘Citin’, in’t it?


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  1. it’s a sauce of pleasure to me

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