Fag Hag Diary


And FH’s just j’adoring the Spector!

The Hagster

Well there was a little ol’ Fag Hag, flicking imperiously through her council estate tabloids (or books, as I believe common nanas like to call them) this morning and what should she find but two pieces of extraordinarily fine news.

The first is that the man with no soul who has hair like Miriam Margolyes and writes for The Star of London has been dumped by the lady off of Girls Aloud. Maybe he can get another famous to date him now so he can still get free clothes from Sergio Tanucci or other classy stores he favours.

The second is that this brilliant website got a mention on page 3 of the Mirror for most genius interview with Blondie’s Debbie Harry – what a proud day for us all! I’m also hoping it’ll somehow bring me closer to Phil Spector, who I have decided I want as my next boyfriend – in fact, I’m just waiting for the moment when I get to say, ‘Mum, Dad, I’d like you to meet…’


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  1. I’ll fight you for him!

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