Jade Goody + coital business = pregnant

Hello. My name is Tard. Short for, Retard. 

Jade (Oh)Good(y) est with child.

Jade – who you might remember from such hits as ‘being a racist on’t telly’ and ‘here’s my flange, wanna see?’ – is up the duff by that bloke with the hat who may as well be a piece of already-chewed-so-all-the-flavour’s-gone gum.

‘I’m thrilled,’ said a thrilled Jade. ‘Jack’s over the moon, too.’

Oh good.

Oh there’s more.

‘It’s come as a bit of a shock. We’re still telling friends and family,’ she continued to tell New! mag-slash-rag.

Jade already has two real-life children. One’s called Jack, the other, Freddie. Their poppa’s Jeff Brazier.

And here is an artist’s impression of what the new child may look like:

Gurgle gurgle, etc.


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4 comments to “Jade Goody + coital business = pregnant”

  1. Oh, what a cute baby! She really must be thrilled!

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  2. God she’ll do anything for publicity, that one

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  3. Don’t be cruel – she’s just fat.

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  4. She should be sterisilied, right now, for the good of the human race

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