Janice Dickinson – the exclusive!

‘Mick Jagger? It’s incy wincy!’ 


She’s the maddest of all mad hatters and you’ll know her for rolling around on the floor with Trannie Banks on America’s Next Top Model. Oh, and for being the original supermodel and going out with Sly Stallone. And soon for starring in Abbey and Janice: Beauty and the Best, a new, totally-can’t-freaking-wait show on Living, starting Monday. At 9pm. Thanks.

Here she talks exclusively – savour that word – to us about being a gay man (!), watching hard-core gay sex and why she thinks Bush is twat.

Nice to meet you, Miss Janice!
This is the most important interview for me because the team I work with are clearly homosexual. [We look over at team: they are. CLEARLY!]

And you’re a gay icon. You’ve certainly had the sex life of a gay man.
Yes! 100%. And I’ll be the Grand Marshall of the Gay Parade in San Francisco in June. There’s Cher, there’s Madonna, there’s Bette and there’s Janice. It’s a one-name thing now.

Of all the famous men you’ve had, who’s had the best cock?
Me! You want the truth, don’t you?

Because you said that Mick Jagger’s quite a little boy, didn’t you?
It’s incy wincy. He’s a short man with a large lip.

You seem to have always been in the right place at the right time.
I lived through the 70s before Studio 54. I used to go to all these clubs. I’ve seen fist fucking and Robert Mapplethorpe and the scene in New York City before AIDS. I was in my 20s and having more fun than a pig in shit. I wasn’t promiscuous, that’s why I stayed alive, but I was a voyeur. I was able to watch, learn and listen.

And then came AIDS.
That’s why I’m an activist. They’re simply not doing enough. It’s not only with us – and I speak as a gay man – it’s whole nations.

Who holds the key?
The Congress of the United States.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a twat is Bush?
10! He’s out of control. I’m going to go out and start breaking things because I’m so angry. The most important thing I’ve done with my kids is that I’ve raised them in an environment that is gay-friendly, so they’re not homophobic. It’s important to pass the torch on. But I embarrass them. If I wear a slutty dress my son cringes. Basically, all of his friends want to fuck me. 53 and 19-year-old men want to fuck me!



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  1. Whatta girl!

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  2. I can never make out if she’s funny or truly mad. Hot though. i’d do her.

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  3. Janice is AMAZING!!! Go girl!

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