Are you a woman?

Do you like to fly? 

Would you like to fly in a woman-y environment?

Could the following have come from your very own real-life mouth:

‘I’m a girly-girl, me. I just LOVE anything pink. My life is a whirlwind of SATC repeats, pens with fluffy things on the end, and skinny lattes with ‘the girls’. I do all the quizzes in women’s magazines and believe whatever they tell me (even though it’s all made up by someone on work experience), I am never without my Juicy Tube, and there is always a patina of glitter (multi-coloured) in my wake. I wear my hair in bunches, and my name ends in ‘ie’. Sex is just like, eugh!’

Then you may like this:

Fly Pink.

Qu’est ce que c’est que c’est que c’est que c’est?

What-it-is-is, a new boutique airline designed especially for women.

What-will-happen-is, a bunch of flying planes – ALL PAINTED PINK! – will fly from Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport (who knew) to global shopping destinations. Like Paris, Milan, New York and Hampstead Garden Suburb.

Passengers – who it is assumed will be female women – will be treated to PINK champagne and free manicures in the departure lounge, with complementary gourmet cuisine on board.

And this female girl will be the ‘face’ of it:

Pretty lay-dee.

She’s Laura-with-an-L Critchley, and she sings songs apparently. And is from Liverpool. Something about the Mersey.

For more information of an informative kind, go here. Oh, OK then.

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4 comments to “Are you a woman?”

  1. Isn’t that, like, discrimination?

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  2. Fantastic, my life is now fully complete

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  3. Yeah, they can’t do that. It’ll have to let the gays on as well or there’ll be hell to pay. I’ve never heard of such a stupid idea. It’s not like LadyCabs, where you choose one so you don’t get a dirty dodgy cab driver trying to put his hand up your kilt while you’re passed out on the back seat. Unless it is like that…

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  4. This is surely Sheila’s Wheels gone mad.

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