Fag Hag Diary


And FH has a run-in with some homosexual puppets

Hag du Fag 

Fag Hag took herself off to London’s Glittering West End last night to see… some fucking puppets.

Yup, I was dragged off kicking (and if not screaming then at least sounding a lot like Joan Crawford in the ‘get the axe’ scene) to Avenue Q by my best friend and her kids. And knock me down with a gossamer g-string if I didn’t enjoy that goddam show – why? Because the story revolved around a gay puppet who came out!

There was even a darling little bear puppet at the end in a lumberjack shirt – all I needed was a model version of Chariots Roman Spa and I would have been in heaven… go see it immediately!

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  1. Chariots Roman Spa, eh? Knew I’d seen you before….

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