JoJo: your questions answered. Hooray!

Hello JoJo. Oh that rhymes. Ish. 

We very kindly popped your questions inside of this famous, and she kindly answered. And what a lovely famous she was, too. JoJo est good.

‘Ere they are…

What’s your favourite type of crunch biscuit? Lindypops
I love shortbread cookies. They’re so nice, they actually serve them at the hotel I’m at with coffee. I love biscuits.

If you had to shoot just one person dead – one!- who would that person be? Pipkin
Oh! I can’t answer that! There’s really no-one that I hate enough to shoot them dead. Not even if I had a fully-loaded gun in front of me.

You are very young. Do you feel young? Lucas
I actually do feel young, do you know what I mean? ‘Cause the majority of my friends are my age and they remind me of what’s going on in high school. 95% of my friends are not in the industry and i prefer it that way. I do have to do school still, and I’m going to go to university to study Communications or Business. So I still feel young and I don’t have those adult responsibilities of living on my own or paying my bills, so in many ways I’m definitely still a kid. I’m going to start recording my album when I’m 18 and also start my first year at university, so it’s going to be kind of hard to balance, but if it was easy everyone would be doing it!

Have you ever been chatted up by a famous type? London Lady
I have! But a lady never tells! I’m sorry, I’m boring. It was cool but nothing came of it. I would go out with a celebrity though, if it was the right person. I wouldn’t date someone just based on their name or celebrity though, I don’t want to date a jerk. It’s crazy because sometimes in this industry publicists want to set you up with other celebrities just so it looks good in the media and I just think that’s the most disgusting thing ever. It’s pretty gross. But there are a few boys that I’m talking to that I like, but I think it’s best that I stay single for a little while. I just got out of a year and a half relationship, so it’s best that I take some time out.

Do you hope Paris Hilton goes to prison? Cleopatra
I do, because I think that nobody’s above the law, you know what I’m saying? I think that maybe it would give her a new perspective on the way she lives her life. I’m not saying I wish her the worst because I don’t, I just think that if a normal woman who was not famous, who doesn’t have money, had been caught drink driving and driving on a suspended licence she would be going to jail. It’s a bad example of American women and who our role models are, and I don’t really care for that to be honest.

Do you fear becoming a ‘Lindsay Lohan’? Blinkin’ Nora
Well I think it’s a very silly question when people ask me that, am I worried that will happen to me, because no, absolutely not! I can’t see that in my future at all.

[me-me-me] There must be a lot of pressure on you though…
I mean, it’s true that there are a lot of pressures but I would much rather have three cups of coffee in the morning than do a line of cocaine, you know what I’m saying? [laughs]

What will you do to ensure the gays love you in the long term? Lolly’s Lollypocket
[laughs] Well I’m very excited about doing G-A-Y! Hopefully I’ll keep doing songs that they like and I know dance music is pretty big in the gay community, so I’d definitely like to do some more dance songs. I have this really cool club track called ‘The Way You Do Me’ that’s kind of more upbeat.

[me-me-me] That sounds rude!
It is quite rude! I mean it’s not about physically doing someone, but people can take it as they wish! But I mean I’m just going to continue to wear cute clothes and hopefully say the right things and try to make good music.

Who has been the nicest/nastiest celebrity you’ve ever met? Angela Lansbury
I’ve met really, really nice people, I’ve been very lucky. I met Robin Williams, I worked with him on a movie, he played my dad. He’s just a great man through and through. He’s a really cool family guy, very down to earth, and I can tell why he’s had such a long career, just becuase he has such a great attitude and he’s an amazing actor. And I really haven’t had any bad experiences with celebrities, just a cold shoulder or a little bit of ego from a person, and again I’m sorry but I won’t name names.

Do you have any celebrity numbers in your phone? Rich
Yes I do, but I can’t say who! [laughs] I know I’m so boring, I’m sorry. I’ll only go to celebrity places every once in a great blue moon though. I would rather hang out with my friends or go and see a basketball game or something to be honest with you, but whenever I’m in LA I do a couple of those type of things. Sometimes it’s fun and sometimes it’s just about mingling and making contacts and things like that, which can be a little silly sometimes.

Which would you rather be, beautiful and stupid or clever and ugly? Boy
Oooh…I really can’t choose, that’s so difficult. When you really think about it, life is a lot easier when people find you attractive, but being clever… I don’t know…  really don’t know!

Have you ever had a Saturday job? Claudia
No, I haven’t, this is really my first job!I signed my contract at 12. It’s been great and I’m glad I have my mom behind me because she’s helped to keep my head on straight. She’s nervous about it every day, she loses sleep over it and hopes that I’m going to turn out OK becuase she sees how a lot of young women end up being portayed in the media, but I’m like, ‘Mom, I promise I’m going to go to school every day, I’ll be fine!’

I’m coming to see you at G-A-Y tomorrow – watcha got planned to entertain the masses? Nora
Oh I’m definitely going to be wearing glitter, I love the way it looks on stage. I just really don’t know what to expect, I’m going in there completely blind, I’ve never even been in there! I have two dancers, very cute, I’m excited about that. We’re doing a very small set, about three songs. Normally I play with my band, so this’ll be different.


JoJo’s at G-A-Y tomo (Sat, 12th May) and her single, ‘Anything’, is out now. Yey.

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  1. Oh she’s very nice, innit!

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  2. I love how she said Paris should go to prison. So not the sort of sacchrine response i’d expect from an American.

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  3. Flowery… the majority of Americans think Paris should go to prison. There are plenty of petitions going around to support the judge’s decision, etc. She’s not alone in her belief. The “Save Paris” march in NYC today attracted a whole four people. Paris is not as beloved here as the media makes it seem. Most people hate her.

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  4. I’m American and I think Paris is heinous and rather repulsive. She ought to go to jail. Most of the people don’t use words to describe her, mostly it is just a grimace.

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  5. We like this kind of American! Welcome!

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  6. Hooray for Paris-hating Americans!!

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  7. The majority of Americans, like myself, are absolutely repulsed by Paris Hilton. We all think she should go to prison and stay there! I don’t know one person who actually likes that piece of trash. She’s such an idiot. And that’s a fat understatement.

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  8. Hooray for kat!

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  9. What do you think about arabic people, The War in Iraq
    best regard

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