Living TV Party Extravaganza!

 ‘Please no photos!’ What Pete Burns said as this photo was actually being taken!

United Colors of Benetton

It was the gayest party (Studio 54 theme, waiters in little more than lingerie) for the gayest channel (Living) and was full of the gays. Oh, and Janice Dickinson, who is – as you learnt yesterday – a gay man anyways…

Programmes being launched were the Pete Burns PA thing (you heard about that here yesterday), Janice Dickinson’s thing with Abbey Clancy (ditto… it’s like deja vu all over again), Britain’s next top model (they were there) and what looks like the totally genius Inn Love, where Tori Spelling opens a B&B! Here’s some pictures of the do.


Call her Miss Ross Miss Janice Welcome! Nibbles Lisa Snowdon Abbey Clancy




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2 comments to “Living TV Party Extravaganza!”

  1. I love that picture of Lisa Snowdon!

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  2. Can we have that picture of the two boys bigger? I would like to examine them at my leisure.

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