George Michael to star in new American comedy

*scratches head, ponders*

Such lovely stubble

So anyways, Georgia le Michaels is poised – literally, poised – to star in a new comedic televisual program in Yanky Doodly land.

He said this, right:

‘I’m starring in a big US comedy drama called Ellie Stone with Johnny Lee Miller. The writers want to name each episode after my songs.’

Ooh, let’s play the game where we have fun guessing what the episodes might be called, using the titles of famous Georgia Michaela songs:

Episode 1: ‘I Want Your Sex’ – Where we get to see George getting bummed.

Episode 2: ‘Hard Day’ – Honestly, you gays.

Episode 3: ‘Praying for Time’ – Where George gets down on his knees and, you know, has a little natter with the baby Jesus. Now see what you’re thinking at this juncture is just childish.

Episode 4: ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’ – Er, like, there’s a time and a place for this sort of behaviour, Georgios! Oh, you said ‘the sun’. *blushes*

Episode 5: ‘Spinning the Wheel’ – Where George ends up in a dimly-lit casino after mistaking it for his local Mecca Bingo.

Episode 6: ‘Fast Love’ – In and out in a jiffy.

Episode 7: ‘Waiting for that Day’ – A rather slow episode, in which George waits a lot.

Etc, blah.

George also had other things to say on a similar theme:

‘I’m going to have the most phenomenal year – even though there are people who’d like me to experience a tough time.’

Not us, Georgie-pudding-and-few-too-many-pies-of-late – we j’adore you, unconditionally.


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3 comments to “George Michael to star in new American comedy”

  1. Erm, not sure, Georgie! Love yer and all, but there’s a lot of proving wrong to be done here methinks…..

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  2. George Michael? Comedy actor? I don’t think so. Actor in general? Ditto.

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  3. I think the whole series is summed up with his song ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’. Because we all know it will be shit, and nothing will make us like it.

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