Kylie moving to Brighton?

Kylie. 'Singing'. 


Kylie of Minogue is planning a move to London’s Glittering Brighton.

How excitement.

Kylie – or Kylie, to her friends – is thought to favour Brighton ’cause it’s full of bumming folk, and apparently bumming folk are fond of Kylie-or-Kylie-to-her-friends.

News to us.

The ‘singer’ – who currently lives in a shoe – is ready to fork out 3.5 million earth pounds on a home-for-living near Hove Lagoon – where Norman Cook and Heather Mills McCartney already have abodes. There’s a private beach and everything, so these people tell us.  

One of those ‘sources’ said, ‘She thinks Brighton is a trendy and hip place to live. Being such a gay icon she knows people there will warm to her and make her feel at home.’

Think we’ll be the judge of that.



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  1. What’s Nasty Little Cunt Kylie TM up to now, you say? Moving to Brighton? Run for your lives!

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