Spielberg and Jackson, up the tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Ish.

Tintin. Hello.

Uber (that’s German that is, only we couldn’t find the funny two-dot-thing to put above the ‘u’) directors Steven Spielberg and Peter ‘Lord o’t Rings’ Jackson are gettin’ it together-as-it-were to bring Tintin to the grown-up screen.


The two of them have apparently signed a three-feature deal, which will see each of them make one 3D animated movie each – be-Jeesus knows what’s happening with the third.

Fun fact: Tintin was created by Herge – aka Belgian artist Georges Remi – in 1929. Thanks.

Steven doth say the following, to Variety mag:

‘Herge’s characters have been reborn as living beings, expressing emotion and a soul which goes far beyond anything we’ve seen to date with computer animated characters.

‘We want Tintin’s adventures to have the reality of a live-action film, and yet Peter and I felt that shooting them in a traditional live-action format….’ oh zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

‘Citin’, though, in’t it!

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  1. Oh god I hate Tintin. I always thought he was such a geek and totally my least favourite cartoon boy.

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